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    Based on the satirical novel by Virginia Woolf and performed by Rebecca Vaughan. Dyad Productions present this life-affirming, comedic tale of an immortal poet, whose gender cannot be pinned down, whose irreverent, romantic adventures across British history from the 1500s to present day, provide a magic-realist exploration of human identity. Written and directed by Elton Townend Jones.
    The show runs without an interval.

    Private Lives

    17/07/2019 - 20/07/2019

    Sinodun Players present Noel Coward’s comedy.
    “I think very few people are completely normal really deep down in their private lives. It all depends upon a combination of circumstances. If all the various cosmic thingummys fuse at the same moment, and the right spark is struck, there’s no telling what one mightn’t do.” Noel Coward

    Elyot and Amanda are glamorous, rich, reckless … and divorced. Five years later, their love for one another is unexpectedly rekindled when they take adjoining suites of a French hotel while honeymooning with their new spouses, Victor and Sybil. Noel Coward’s glorious wit and dramatic precision combine to form his 1930s masterpiece about modern romance. Here is Coward at his sparkling best as a modern dramatist and ‘Private Lives’ continues to be one of his most performed and read works.