Planning appeal turned down

We had the wonderful news recently about the refusal of the planning appeal for apartments abutting the Corn Exchange. The Planning Inspectorate said that she was “considerably concerned” about the impact on future occupants of the appeal scheme from “structure-borne noise”. She found “serious question marks over a number of assumptions made” as part of the appellant’s proposed mitigation strategy, which primarily involved designing the scheme to be physically separate from the Corn Exchange. There was therefore “significant risk” that future occupants would complain of disturbance, she ruled, which could “compromise the Corn Exchange as an established entertainment venue”.

We are delighted that the appeal has been firmly rejected by the planning inspector. And we believe that this sets a precedent for other theatre buildings that are under threat. All theatres provide an invaluable resource to their communities and the Corn Exchange is ready to welcome back you, our loyal audience, and provide entertainment, culture and an escape from some of the difficulties that we all face at the moment.”

We have spent a considerable amount of money to fight this appeal. But we believe its worth the effort to keep this wonderful venue open and free of any disruption to the delivery of arts and entertainment to Wallingford and district.