Only Love Matters

Directed by Kamran Qureshi

Starring Emma Von Schreiber, Josh Simpson, Sara Faraj, Matthew Wright-Kenny

Thu 25 Jul 7.30pm      Book Now

Duration: 92mins
AGE Rating: Cert 12A
Adults £10, Under 16s £5

This film has won over 30 awards in the international film festivals including Best Director, Best Producer, Best Feature Film, and it has received a further 17 Nominations in other categories.

A eye opening heart rending story

“This is a very moving well made film. Intersexuality is not a widely known subject which makes the film even more important. The whole Team treated the story with such sensitivity and dignity, still managing to cleverly introduce some humour, even though the lead character lived such a difficult life. From the confusion and hardship as a young child through to the end of the story the film also encompasses other social and culturally distressing topics in a very honest way. In short, only Love and the strength of the human character prevail.

Further information would give the story away SO you simply MUST SEE THIS FILM” – Kamran Qureshi