Midsomer Murders: Death of a Hollow Man

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Duration: 100 mins
AGE Rating: Cert 12A
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It’s over 25 years since the Corn Exchange hosted Midsomer Murders !

“Death of a Hollow Man” was filmed in October 1997 – over 25 years ago – with many scenes in and around the Corn Exchange. The episode was broadcast (as Episode 2 of Series 1) in March 1998.

The episode shows the auditorium, the Curtis Room, back stage, the workshop and even a scene from the control room, as they appeared in 1997 ! As well as 150 extras in the auditorium, there are very brief shots of about a dozen members in costume, in the men’s dressing room and on stage, and I got a brief ‘one liner’ – on stage, from a distance and almost in the dark !