Previous winners

The results of past years events are given below. Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone that took part or who were involved in some way.


Year Winning group
2023 Didcot Phoenix Drama Group
2020-2022 No Festivals
2019 Henley Players
2018 Didcot Phoenix Drama Group
2017 No Festival
2016 Bartholomew Players
2015 Didcot Youth Theatre
2014 Whole Hog Productions, Swindon
2013 Whole Hog Productions, Swindon
2012 No Festival
2011 Sinodun Players, Wallingford
2010 Sinodun Players, Wallingford
2009 Didcot Phoenix Drama Group
2008 Balancing Act of Kennington
2007 No Festival
2006 Chiltern Players
2005 Faringdon Dramatic Society
2004 Balancing Act, Kennington
2003 Sinodun Players, Wallingford
2002 Henley Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society
2001 The Domino Players, Wantage
2000 Burgfield and Sulhampstead Players
1999 Sinodun Players, Wallingford
1998 Didcot Phoenix Drama Group
1997 The City of Oxford Theatre Group
1996 The City of Oxford Theatre Group
1995 Newbury Dramatic Society
1994 The Henley Players
1993 The Riparians, Whitchurch-on-Thames
1992 The Riparians, Whitchurch-on-Thames
1991 Sinodun Players, Wallingford
1990 Henley Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society
1989 The Old Gaol Theatre Company, Abingdon
1988 Sinodun Players, Wallingford
1987 Instant Ham, Banbury