Technical Specifications

This section contains information on the technical aspects of what’s available to festival entrants, and link to the theatre auditorium and stage plan.

The Corn Exchange technical team will offer to festival entrants three full stage colour washes preset as standard: warm (gold tint), cool (steel) and straw. However, as the washes are provided from a series of RGB  stage and FoH fresnels, the colours can be changed as desired during the tech rehearsal.

For entrants who wish to use it, there is a sky-cloth at the back of the stage which can be lit from the top in most colours using Philips PL1Cyc LED lights.

Specials should be flagged as early as possible and must be clearly noted on the application form and not on the technical rehearsal day. Although the technical team do their very best to accommodate all requirements there will be a reasonable limit on the number of specials a show can utilise.

The lighting desk is an ETC Ion Xe, which can be programmed with cue-states and/or sub-master presets; there are 20 submaster faders.

Sound output will be provided on FOH speakers and onstage speakers; the auditorium (surround sound) speakers can also be used if required. We have an autocue CD player that will play MP3; this will be fed to a Soundcraft Spirit Folio SX mixing desk. We also offer an Apple Mac running QLab with 2-channel sound output to the mixer or a Windows PC with 8-channel sound output to the mixer desk running the SCS (Sound Cue System) software – these can be programmed for sound cues and effects.

The lighting and sound will be run from the control room at the back of the auditorium.

Any electrical items brought into the theatre (for use on or off stage) will have to be PAT before they can be used.

The Corn Exchange has a number of gobos and other special effects. These are normally made available to visiting companies. If what you need is not mentioned in the Theatre Specification it doesn’t mean we haven’t got it – just that we haven’t told you we have it – so ask – you might be surprised! If you have any ‘specials’ that you can provide please let us know well in advance – it might mean that we can provide something for another company that we otherwise couldn’t. We want all the Festival productions to be at their best.


Auditorium And Stage Plan

Auditorium And Stage Elevation