Corn Exchange Safety Measures for COVID-19

The Corn Exchange is implementing Covid-safe protocols as per Government Guidelines and under guidance from our H&S consultant and from information provided by partner organisations such as the British Film Institute and the Little Theatre Guild.

What we are doing …

When we first re-open, we will only be showing films. When the Government says it is safe to do so, we will start theatre and live performances again.

In addition to our normal high cleaning standards, after each performance we will be disinfecting the auditorium, foyer and toilets with a fogging machine, which sprays an anti-viral disinfectant. This is to leave all surfaces clean and safe for human contact.

We encourage online booking where at all possible please. The Box Office will be open, but will not take cash. We ask you please to ensure that your details (telephone number and email address) are recorded on the contact details page. You can edit this page by clicking on My Settings. The telephone number is to enable a Track and Trace procedure to take place if required.

The Box Office system has been updated to automatically allocate seats in a socially distanced way. If a show is popular, we may want to re-allocate seats after booking to ensure as many people as possible can safely enjoy the show, and we will rely on your co-operation.

Please do not sit in a seat other than the one that has been allocated to you as this will compromise the safety of other patrons.

We will not yet be opening the bar. You are welcome to bring water/drinks in plastic bottles.

We ask you please to use the hand-sanitisers which are provided at each entrance. Our staff will be provided with appropriate PPE

What we ask of you …

  • Following the latest government advice, you will need to wear a mask from the moment that you enter the Corn Exchange (unless you are exempt), and it should not be taken off until you have left the theatre
  • You will need to join a socially distanced queue to enter and exit the building, and keep your distance when in the building. We will operate a one-way system and will have markings in place.
  • There will be two queues, rows H to P in the Market Place, rows A to G in Mousey Lane. Please ensure that you go to the correct entrance. This is to ensure that there is minimal interaction between audience members.
  • We will not print tickets for seats bought online. You will need to bring the email that was sent to you when you bought the ticket, either on your phone or printed out by you. This will contain your seat number(s) and other safety information.
  • You must arrive in good time, at least 5 – 10 minutes before the film starts. We will not admit late entries.
  • If you are showing any of the symptoms of Covid-19 we obviously ask that you do not attend even if you have already bought tickets. We will arrange a refund.

Many thanks and we very much look forward to seeing you again soon