Conditions Of use

This sections lists the conditions applying to the use of the building and is for the attention of all visiting companies.

Your attention is drawn to the following conditions which apply at all times and must be adhered to by all persons using the Corn Exchange Theatre and Cinema building.

Exits – the means of exit provided for all persons on the premises shall be maintained, unobstructed and immediately available for use. This means that items must not be stored in the fire exits, up the stairs or anywhere in the stair wells. All fire exits must be kept clear at all times. Stage Managers, House Managers, Directors and Ushers in particular should note that all fire doors must be unlocked when the Auditorium is in use.

Fire Doors – most fire-doors in the Corn Exchange have special door stops that will release automatically in the event of a fire-alarm. These can be used to hold the doors open whilst people are frequently passing through them; however it is good practice to ensure these door stops are released when the doors are not in use. Fire extinguishers, wedges etc must not be used to stop these doors from closing.

Gangways, Corridors, Lobbies, Staircases or Other Designated Exit Routes – shall be kept entirely free from chairs or any other obstruction. No person shall be permitted to sit, stand or dance in any gangway. Stage Managers and Ushers in particular must ensure that no member of the audience is allowed to sit or stand in the auditorium other than in a designated seat. No sitting or standing in the auditorium aisles or stairs – these must be kept clear.

Any person observing such a situation, whether officially on duty or not, should ensure that this does not occur.

Every member of the audience must have a designated seat – even if it is a babe in arms or a toddler – there is no exception to this. Ushers and House Managers need to be particularly vigilant at matinee performances or productions such as pantomime, which are geared to the younger audience. (Children can sit on knees but they must have a seat designated to them as an individual)

Smoking – is not allowed anywhere in the building. Any smoking on stage which forms part of the performance must be agreed to and have prior permission – even for rehearsals. Any member of the resident company, the Sinodun Players, seeking to put on a production with smoking “essential to the plot” must speak to the Organiser before putting the play forward for consideration

Gas Filled Balloons – no balloons filled with flammable gas shall be on the premises.

Explosive, Toxic, Hazardous or Highly Flammable Substance – shall not be brought onto the premises without the consent of the licensing authority. The Corn Exchange management require at least 28 days notice in order to give notice to the licensing authority of any proposals to use such apparatus. Any person wishing to use pyrotechnics, microdets etc on stage must discuss with the Organiser before even considering their use.


The Corn Exchange management require at least 28 days notice for:-

(a) any entertainment involving special risks or danger to the public and/or any special entertainment for children wholly or mainly under the age of sixteen years since notice must be given to the licensing authority.

(b) any entertainment involving the use of explosives or highly-flammable substances since this cannot take place without the written approval of the licensing authority.

Real Flame – Consent must be obtained from the licensing authority before real flame can be used. The Corn Exchange management require at least 28 days notice to do this. Real flame will only be considered if it can be proven to be essential to the action as distinct from the atmosphere, or to its effective presentation or if an electric substitute cannot be used. Full details are necessary of the proposed use of real flame (including the dates and times of any rehearsals)

Weapons and Firearms – real or “props” – Where it is proposed that firearms or weapons, of any description, whether real or mock, be used, this use must be discussed, agreed and authorised. The regulations on the use of firearms and weapons, of any description, are very strict and they cannot be used in the Corn Exchange without express permission of the Board of Directors.

Pressurised Cylinders for Storage of Air, Gas or Liquids – The licensing authority require notification of any proposal to use such apparatus on the premises. The Corn Exchange management require at least 28 days notice of the intention to use such apparatus.

The Drama Festival organisers can be contacted by e-mail for any queries on the above.