Corn Exchange Safety Measures for COVID-19

The Corn Exchange is still implementing Covid-safe protocols under guidance from our H&S consultant and from information provided by partner organisations such as the British Film Institute and the Little Theatre Guild.

What we are doing …

We are now showing films, theatre and live performances again.

In addition to our normal high cleaning standards, we will regularly be disinfecting the auditorium, foyer and toilets with a fogging machine, which sprays an anti-viral disinfectant. This is to leave all surfaces clean and safe for human contact. We have recently installed new air filters to purify and sterilise the air in the auditorium.

We encourage online booking. We ask you please to ensure that your details (telephone number and email address) are recorded on the contact details page. You can edit this page by clicking on My Settings. The telephone number is to enable a Track and Trace procedure to take place if required. The Box Office is fully open, and will take cash and cards

All seats can be booked online, by telephone or in person at the Box Office. We still ask you to wear a face covering from the moment that you enter the theatre and for the protection of you and your fellow patrons.

We have now opened the bar again for all events. We are asking all patrons to observe the normal socially distanced rules in the foyer, and also leave space between others, with an option to wait outside if there are lots of people in the foyer. We ask patrons to take drinks into the auditorium as soon as they are served rather than stay in the foyer. For pantomime and other family events we are selling sweets and ice creams in the Curtis Room , next to the auditorium entrance.

We are now printing tickets for seats bought online. Please go to the front entrance in the Market Place to pick up your tickets, giving your name to the House Manager at the theatre door.

If you are showing any of the symptoms of Covid-19 we respectfully ask that you do not attend the performance.

Many thanks and we very much look forward to seeing you again soon