The Little Match Girl

MOON ON A STICK PRODUCTIONS presents THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL: a live theatre experience for children aged 3+

Sat 20 Feb 3pm      Book Now

Under 16s£5

Match Gorl_300 A magical and mischievous twist on this well known tale, complete with puppetry, live music, and audience interaction. This is a joyful retelling of a winter classic.

It is a frosty winter evening, snow litters the ground and the little girl is alone. She is desperate to get warm so she lights the matches that she has been selling. With each match she is transported by its warmth into the scenes behind the glass. She becomes a part of the festivities, playing in the snow and eating the most delicious feast but with the light of each match they fade and are just beyond reach.

Using their unique combination of visual storytelling, folk music and object work, Moon On A Stick transform the stage into a stunning snowy spectacle. This beautiful, playful production is suitable for ages 3+ providing a perfect show for a younger audience.