Wind in the Willows

Director: Marilyn Johnstone

Wed 14 July 7.45pm      Book Now
Thurs 15 July 7.45pm      Book Now
Fri 16 July 7.45pm      Book Now
Sat 17 July 7.45pm      Book Now
Sat 17 July 3pm      Book Now

Duration: 60 mins
Adults £8
Under 14s £5

The Sinodun Players present ‘Wind in the Willows’ by Kenneth Grahame (adapted into a one-act play by Marilyn Johnstone), one of the all-time great animal stories and a true classic of children’s literature. It introduces us to the hesitant but curious Mole, the brave and kind Rat, the wise old Badger and – of course – the irrepressible Toad.
Join them on a boat trip down the tranquil River Thames to Toad Hall, travel with them along the delightful country lanes in a canary-coloured gypsy caravan, then accompany Mole into the Wild Wood which seems to him such a terrifying place, inhabited by sinister weasels, ferrets and stoats.

Gasp as these villainous Wild-Wooders capture Toad Hall, when poor old Toad – due to his impetuous nature and fascination for fast cars (especially other people’s) – is sentenced to twenty years in a dark, dingy dungeon.

Will he escape and find his way home? And can his friends help him to save Toad Hall?

Come and see this lovely show and you’ll find out!