A Bunch of Amateurs (Matinees)

The Sinodun Players present a comedy by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman
Director: Dorothy Hirsch
Starring: Kevin Goodfellow as Jefferson Steel – Hollywood hero or village villain?

Sat 15 July 2.30pm       Book Now

Sun 16 July 2.30pm       Book Now

Duration: 150 mins. Timings to be confirmed
All tickets £10

When a Hollywood action movie superstar comes to your village theatre to take the lead role in a production of King Lear, Hollywood Happens.
This cannot be a good thing! Or can it?
The Stratford Players, from a small, but charming village in Suffolk are frantically fundraising trying to keep their theatre alive and the developers from the door. In desperation they come up with a publicity plan to gain sponsorships and save their theatre.
Enter stage left Jefferson Steel striding in to play Lear in Stratford.
Imagine his surprise as it slowly dawns on him the reality that he is not in Stratford upon Avon!! Hilarity ensues as cultures collide, politely on one side of the equation, and he faces the reality of his vanity and insecurity.
This culturally and very human observant comedy drama comes from the pens of two of the UK’s greatest satirical writers in a must see production.

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