Bazaar and Rummage

Sinodun Players present Sue Townsend’s play Bazaar and Rummage

Wed 18 May 7.45pm      Book Now
Thu 19 May 7.45pm      Book Now
Fri 20 May 7.45pm      Book Now
Sat 21 May 7.45pm      Book Now

All Tickets£10

Set in a church hall in Acton, this is the funny and moving story of a group of agoraphobic women who, as part of a self-help group, decide to break through their troubled and insular lives for one day at least by bravely staging a bazaar and rummage sale.
Sue Townsend, author of the very popular Adrian Mole stories, has crafted from this scenario a gem of an adult black comedy. It is a witty yet poignant play about ordinary people, each of whom has their own personal demon to combat in their effort to rejoin society.