Bedroom Farce

Sinodun Players present, live on stage, Alan Ayckbourn’s play

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Opening Night all tickets £9
All other performances all tickets £12

Set in London in 1975, Ayckbourn’s comic genius bursts into life with a melee of fast paced events occurring in 3 suburban bedrooms during one evening and the following early morning.

This socially observant comedy involves four couples: Delia & Ernest who have booked a restaurant to celebrate their wedding anniversary; newlyweds Malcolm and Kate are throwing a house warming party and have invited many of their friends including Nick & Jan and the neurotic Trevor & Susannah, whose selfish obsession with their own problems has a seismic impact on everyone else.

What could possibly go wrong?

Bedroom Farce pulls back the sheets to expose an hilariously bleak view of middle-class relationships as the four couples descend into free fall with the inevitable chaos, illustrating
the farcical nature of marriage; the play explores the habits, routines and short cuts we create – some playful, some decidedly passive aggressive.