Blue Jean

Director: Georgia Oakley
Starring: Rosy McEwen, Lydia Page

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Duration: 97 mins
AGE Rating: Cert 15
Adults £10

Set in 1988, when Mrs. Thatcher’s government was introducing the notorious Section 28 of the Local Government Act, prohibiting the “promotion of homosexuality” by local authorities.

Jean is a woman living a double life: by day she’s a PE teacher, while at night she frequents a local lesbian bar with her friends and long-term partner. Adept at keeping her two lives separate, Jean’s world is rocked with the arrival of a new student

“A slam-dunk masterpiece” ★★★★★ – THE TELEGRAPH

“A knockout performance from Rosy McEwen” – SCREEN DAILY

“A quietly searing British debut” – VARIETY

“A vital film in the current British climate” – ALTERNATIVE LENS

“Rosy McEwen puts in a calling card performance for the ages” – THE PLAYLIST