Butterfly Tale (Morning Matinee)

Sat 1 June 10.30am      Book Now

Duration: 88 mins
AGE Rating: Cert U
All tickets £5

The butterflies are preparing for their annual migration, and everyone is aflutter! But when young butterfly Patrick (Mena Massoud – Aladdin from Disney’s ALADDIN) is told he must stay home as he’s not ready, he and his friends refuse to be grounded.

Despite having only one full-grown wing, Patrick and friends follow their dream of flying with (or rather just behind) the migration.  The tenacious team encounter incredible wonders and plenty of challenges – but above all they discover it’s not just the journey that matters, but what we learn along the way.

With original songs from Grammy & Brit Award nominated Shawn Mendes, this film is suitable for young children and families.