Comedy: Croft and Pearce

Hilarious comedy sketches from Hannah Croft and Fiona Pearce, stars of BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Croft & Pearce Show’

Fri 29 Apr 8pm      Book Now

Senior Citizens£8
Under 18s£8


**** “Delivering ‘the business’”

CroftandPearce_300Hannah Croft and Fiona Pearce have been delivering ‘the business’ for a year or two now, looking back I first saw them in 2012 and the standard has always been exceptionally high, and the 2015 offering is of the same very high quality as before.

They rely on well written sketches, initially seemingly portraying random characters in short snappy segments using their writing obviously and primarily their performance skills. Yet as the hour progresses they gather up all the threads and weave these segments into an entity. Each section, however short, generates spontaneous applause and peals of laughter are there throughout.

They always work with few props so the energy never drops even if the pace of the vignettes are not constant, and I love the callbacks, some even to previous years shows with the characters they revive, one such I particularly like is the Geordie ‘ Brown Owl’.

Sketch comedy is usually not one genre that I make a point of seeking out that is except when it comes to these ladies.

– 4 stars – One4Review (Edinburgh Fringe 2015)