Lettice and Lovage

Sinodun Players’ production of Peter Shaffer’s comic play


Wed 11 Apr 7.45pm      Book Now
Thu 12 Apr 7.45pm      Book Now
Fri 13 Apr 7.45pm      Book Now
Sat 14 Apr 7.45pm      Book Now

DURATION: 120mins
Adults £10

Originally written for Maggie Smith, Lettice and Lovage is centered around a flamboyant tour guide, Lettice, who loves to embellish the history behind an English country house, ultimately coming under the radar of a fact-conscious official from the Preservation Trust, Lotte Shoen. Neither impressed nor entertained by Lettice’s freewheeling history lessons, Shoen fires her. Not one however, to go without a fight, Lettice engages the stoic, conventional Lotte in a battle to the death of all that is sacred to the Empire and the crown.