Life of Riley

The Sinodun Players present Alan Ayckbourn’s play

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Sat 18 Apr 7.45pm      Book Now

DURATION: 150mins


Alan Ayckbourn’s 74th play is set in three gardens, a farmyard and finally in a cemetery.
George Riley, is a popular schoolteacher, romantic and hedonistic, “a kind of hippie Peter Pan”.
When it is known that he has only a few months to live, six of his friends gather to remember their relationships with him and to plan together to make his last few months as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. However their efforts result in complicating their own relationships in unforeseen ways.
On the face of it, this seems to be deadly serious play but being Ayckbourn, laughter is always present as he yet again dissects the complacency, worries and angst of middle class, middle aged people.
The play also contains a final surprise!