The Sinodun Players Pantomime BOOKING OPENS FRI 20 NOV 10am

Tue 26 Jan 7.30pm      Book Now
Wed 27 Jan 7.30pm      Book Now
Thu 28 Jan 7.30pm      Book Now
Fri 29 Jan 7.30pm      Book Now
Sat 30 Jan 7.30pm      Book Now

Tue/Thu Adults£10
Under 16s£6
Fri/Sat Adults£12
Under 16s£6

Come and let your hair down at Sinodun Players’ traditional family panto which is filled to the brim with colourful characters. Audiences can boo, hiss, laugh, sing, clap, sneeze, quack and pat their heads whilst rubbing their tummies at the antics of good and bad witches, silly gnomes, courtiers and fairies. In the spotlight too will be the lovely Rapunzel and her dashing prince – plus Matilda, the theatre cleaner, who ends up in a starring role.