The Beatles: Eight Days a Week, The Touring Years

Director: Ron Howard

Sun 2 Oct 2.30      Book Now

Duration: 138 mins
AGE Rating: Cert 12A
Adults £7
Under 15s £5


beatles_300‘The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years’ follows the legendary Liverpudlian group from 1962-1966, when they toured the world and earned the adulation of millions of people.

Eight Days A Week strips away layers of myth to give us back the Beatles who made the whole world scream. It also strips away the screaming, too – that wall of sexualised hysteria that was the signature soundtrack to Beatlemania – and permits us to hear what most Beatles audiences of the time barely could: the music itself. In addition, it puts us inside the bubble of their skyrocketing fame, an experience that these four men alone shared, and which only they fully understood.

To hear the Beatles live again is to remember the strength of their musical togetherness, the years of practice, friendship and collaboration that underpinned them. Eight Days a Week also reminds us that from within that constricted, hotel suite-bound, waited-on-hand-and-foot lifestyle, emerged the phenomenal nine-hour monolith of their recorded output, which artists and musicians are still facing down today.

On August 15th 1965 The Beatles played Shea Stadium. The event was filmed using fourteen 35mm cameras by Ed Sullivan Productions and Brian Epstein and for the very first time, the fully restored, remastered, 30-minute performance will be shown as part of this cinema experience.